What is a drawer lock? How to install the drawer locks

What is a drawer lock? How to install the drawer locks


Nowadays, many bedside drawer cabinets are not equipped with locks. This is a headache for families with children. You have to know that the nature of children is to turn around. At this time, installing a drawer lock on the drawer can solve this well. One problem. So, what is a drawer lock and how to install it? Please look down.


What is a drawer lock


Common drawer locks, also called leaf locks, are devices used to lock drawers. They are placed on openable and closable objects to close a certain space or a certain appliance. They must be opened with a key or password. Pieces.


The general drawer lock structure is relatively simple. When the key is inserted into the lock core, if all the key teeth on the key match the level difference of the blades, the gaps on all the leaves in the lock core will form a straight groove under the action of elastic force. The movable pin in the lock cylinder will fall into the groove, and the movable pin in the middle shell will also fall, and the groove part in the outer shell will slide into the blade groove in the lock cylinder. When the key is turned, the key will drive the lock. The core and the lock core drive the middle shell to rotate together, and the transmission structure connected with the middle shell also rotates at the same time, and the door lock can be opened and closed.


How to install the drawer locks


For many reasons, you may want to install a lock on the drawer, whether it is for the safety of the kitchen, or for safety reasons, or to put a private file on the desk to prevent others from being seen by others, please install Locking drawers is one of the most common requirements for furniture locks.


The type of lock you need will depend entirely on the setting of the drawer unit, and is usually limited to the top drawer, as these are usually the only drawers that can be fixed to the fixed part of the cabinet without causing obstacles. -Lock up to the top of the desk or drawer unit frame.

Buy the drawer lock first: you can measure the drawer panel of your bedside table first, and then buy a drawer lock of the right size online. Generally, this kind of drawer lock is relatively cheap, with a few to a dozen pieces, and the main purpose is not to prevent theft. It is to prevent children from turning over randomly, so the convenience of installation is the main reference condition when purchasing.


Next is the preparation work before installing the lock: First, identify whether the installation lock is a drawer lock, and see if the keyhole and bolt opening direction are the same to avoid confusion with the cabinet lock. Use the key to open the lock several times, check whether the movement of each transmission part is flexible, and check whether the lock accessories are complete according to the manual. Tools for installation include wood drill, hand hammer, hand saw, screwdriver, woodworking chisel, tape measure and other tools. ,




Then the hole for the lock is punched. First, find the center of the lock installation at a distance of 200mm from the top of the drawer, and drill the through hole with an auger.


After opening the hole, the drawer lock is installed. With the center line of the lock as the axis of symmetry, draw the inlay position according to the width of the lock box and the bottom plate, and then draw the inlay according to the length of the lock and the thickness of the lock box based on the drawer surface. The depth of the groove. After drawing, cut out the saw cut on the dimension line behind the drawer panel with a hand saw, use a chisel to remove the middle part, and cut out the bottom plate and the inlay groove of the lock box. Then install the drawer lock to the drawer panel.


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