What should I do if the drawer lock key is lost? Where can I buy a new lock?

What should I do if the drawer lock key is lost? Where can I buy a new lock?

What should I do if the drawer lock key is lost? Where can I buy a new lock?

Drawers are something that each of us will touch, and drawer locks also appear in our sight all the time. Our belongings or some documents, etc. are stored in the drawer, and the drawer lock protects their safety. It is the protector of this little world. But sometimes the drawer lock will be due to our own forgotten or inadvertent, the small drawer lock key is missing. Let me tell you how to open the drawer lock today. If the lock is broken, please visit www.wellhw.com to see if there is the lock you want.

How to open the drawer lock?

Use a flat-blade screwdriver, the size should fit into the keyhole. Put a screwdriver into the keyhole, turn it hard to destroy the lock cylinder, and then clean the damaged lock cylinder. Generally, you can open the wardrobe door (the method of destroying the lock cylinder can also be drilled with an electric drill). This treatment method will not cause damage to the cabinet, and it will be normal after changing the lock. You can give it a try, or call the maintenance staff of the property company to make repairs on site. They will know how to deal with it. The above is a more violent method.

How to open the drawer lock that is slightly “relatively gentle”?

What should I do if the key to the drawer lock is lost and the drawer lock cannot be opened? In fact, it is very easy to open the drawer lock, just buy a professional one to unlock it.

The method and principle of opening the pinball drawer lock is roughly the same as that of ordinary concealed locks. When the key is inserted, turn to the right to open and turn to the left to lock. Please note that when the drawer lock is opened with the unlocking tool and method, push the lever along the straight line. When the clockwise rotates 180 degrees, the marble of the outer seat of the lock cylinder will bounce into the groove below the key hole in the lock cylinder due to the action of the spring. At this time, a single hook must be used to extend into the key hole and move up the top of the marble. Then, use the push rod to continue to turn the lock cylinder in a clockwise direction. When it has turned 360 degrees in total, the unlocking goal is achieved. The upper marble is turned into the groove of the lock cylinder, and the lock cylinder is stuck, so that the lock cylinder cannot rotate. Lift the upper marble with a single hook, and at the same time rotate the lock cylinder with the push rod.

You have secretly thought that you will never lose the drawer lock key again. Where can I buy a new good drawer lock? Or you are a wholesaler who needs a lot of locks and don’t know where to wholesale drawer locks? Congratulations, you are looking at the right place.

Our company, Well Hard Ware, is a company that specializes in making locks. Our products are not only good, but also very affordable. We don’t do a one-off transaction, what we want most is to have a long-term cooperative relationship with our customers. Our drawer locks are produced in large quantities and the quality is also very good. Our downstream distributors are also selling good products, and have cooperation with other wooden cabinets, drawers and door industries, and have a good cooperation and win-win relationship with them. Our products are exported to various countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States. Buying our products is a safe choice, because our after-sales are very reliable, and problems will be solved immediately to ensure your satisfaction. If you need it, don’t hesitate to go to our official website www.wellhw.com to choose the lock you want, not only drawer locks, smart door locks, glass display cabinet locks, cam locks, etc., everything!

If you have broken the drawer lock, how do you want to install it yourself?

  1. Prepare the drawer panel that is cut and pasted.
  2. Then measure the position of the drawer lock to be installed, and mark it with a pencil. Then use an electric drill to install a drill of the appropriate diameter, and slowly drill the marked place into a hole.
  3. Then prepare the drawer lock, remove the circle on the lock cylinder in the circled position in the picture, and take out the screws in the suit for use.
  4. Place the removed circle on the outside of the noodle rice, pass the lock core out from the inside, and then pass through the circle to fasten it.
  5. Turn to the inside of the panel, and fix it on the four corners of the lock with the prepared screws.
  6. After fixing, insert the key to verify whether the lock can be opened and closed normally


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