Where are the manufacturers of Showcase Glass Lock and Security Glass Showcase Lock?

Where are the manufacturers of Showcase Glass Lock and Security Glass Showcase Lock?

Where can I find the manufacturers of Showcase Glass Lock, Security Glass Showcase Lock, 328 Show Case Door Lock, Sliding Glass Door For Window Showcase? When you click on this article, congratulations on being in the right place!

Today I want to introduce you to Well Hard Ware, a large manufacturer specializing in locks. Our website is https://www.wellhw.com/, if you need it, please come to our official website to buy!

We are professional in making display glass locks. The display glass lock is actually very important. The display glass often stores your own figures, some porcelain for fun, or other objects that you want to appreciate but don’t want others to touch. This small lock is locked with peace of mind, locked with peace of mind. Never fear the invasion of the claws of mischievous children anymore. As a brand of Well Hard Ware, we control all raw materials, production and processing. If you want high-quality display glass locks, high-quality and inexpensive products, choose us.

For example, our 328328 sliding glass door lock is made of zinc alloy die-casting shell and cylinder, and sliding steel. The size is 120MM/140MM/160MM, the surface is chrome-plated; combination/password: 250; rotation angle is 90 degrees CW. Provide brass, steel, zinc alloy or metal keys with plastic cover (2 keys). The same key (KA) or different keys (KD) can be used. Screw fixed. Use cabinets, drawers and other steel office furniture. The packaging can also be customized.

The zinc alloy selected for our glass display locks is relatively heavy. The casting performance is good, and it can die-cast precision parts with complex shapes and thin walls, and the surface of the castings is smooth. The appearance is very smooth and beautiful, as well as good room temperature mechanical properties and abrasion resistance. Chrome plating is also very good for the wear resistance of the lock. Chromium is a silvery-white metal with a bluish tint. Modern scientific research has found that metallic chromium is easily passivated in the air, forming a very thin passivation film on the surface, thus showing the properties of precious metals. Will not lower the appearance of your cabinet. The chromium-plated layer has a high hardness, and its hardness can vary in a wide range of 400~1200HV according to the composition of the bath and the process conditions. The chromium-plated layer has good heat resistance. When heated below 500℃, there is no obvious change in gloss and hardness. The temperature above 500℃ starts to oxidize and discolor, and the hardness starts to decrease when the temperature exceeds 700℃. The friction coefficient of the chrome layer is small, especially the dry friction coefficient, which is the lowest among all metals. Therefore, the chrome-plated layer has good wear resistance. Due to the excellent performance of the chromium plating layer, it is widely used as the outer surface layer and functional plating layer of a decorative coating system.

Our locks are delicately handled, using modern technology and high-quality materials, so that you are rarely or almost unlikely to get stuck when unlocking. Open your cabinet easily. Most importantly, good quality and low price! The more you buy, the more affordable the price.

In fact, there is another problem that everyone is afraid of is rust. Don’t worry about rusting if you don’t open the lock for too long, because zinc alloy will not rust, but will only oxidize. Zinc alloy products are also very common in our lives. Zinc alloys generally do not rust, so you don’t have to worry about rusting of this product. Zinc alloy is very safe, and the style is relatively good-looking, you can rest assured to use it at home.

Our glass display lock is a very good product! Whether it is from the material or the technical application of the lock, we guarantee the authenticity. Believe in our brand, choose us Well Hard Ware! Welcome to https://www.wellhw.com/ to have a look.

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