WHW Plane Lock Provides Security for Charging Piles

WHW Plane Lock Provides Security for Charging Piles

With the development of the times, new energy vehicles (NEVs) gradually enter people’s lives and are widely welcomed. As an essential companion of new energy vehicles, the importance of charging piles is self-evident. Charging piles are not only the key infrastructure for the sustainable development of new energy vehicles, but also an important node for building smart cities and vehicle networks. With the increase of new energy vehicles, the demand for supporting facilities such as charging piles and charging pile locks will increase, which will be a brand-new opportunity for the lock industry.

Nowadays, as charging piles become applied more and more widely, their safety can not be ignored whether they are in public or in residential areas. In addition to daily electric safety, Make also installs locks for charging piles to ensure the safety of internal equipment. For one thing, the charging pile lock can prevent the charging cable from being exposed, causing electric shock and other accidents; for another, it can avoid the important equipment in the charging pile being stolen.

It can be seen that the charging pile lock plays a very important role in protecting the safety of charging piles and avoiding accidents. It is another significant tool that can provide security for charging piles besides monitors. So, how to properly select a charging pile lock? What should you pay attention to in your daily use?

First, try to choose the charging pile lock with higher safety. Make recommends the cabinet plane lock WHW905 to you. This is a heavy-duty handle lock specially designed for charging piles and charging boxes. It is made from zinc alloy, and its surface is treated with spray paint and has high-quality processing. The light and thin lock surface is more harmonized with the surface of charging piles. The lock is beautiful and durable. And the colour of the lock is not easy to fade.

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