Will electronic locks be safer than mechanical locks? Who is better?

Will electronic locks be safer than mechanical locks? Who is better?

Will electronic locks be safer than mechanical locks? Who is better?

With the development of the times, more and more different types of locks flood our eyes. With the rapid advancement of science and technology, the internal structure and principles of locks are not the same. Well Hard Ware has more than 20 years of lock making experience. Our official website is www.wellhw.com. There are also friends around who will ask which lock is better? Are electronic locks safer than mechanical locks? Which is better? There is no accurate answer to this question, because the two of them have their own merits and advantages.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of smart electronic locks is convenience. Convenient, you don’t need to bring the key, and you won’t be unable to enter the house because you forget to bring the key. In terms of safety performance, electronic locks are generally C-level anti-theft lock cylinders. If someone picks the lock, it will trigger an alarm sound and send alarm information to the owner to inform the owner of the problem of the home door lock. However, some professional unlockers also have tools and methods for unlocking smart locks. General smart locks must have a mechanical lock core. Because some electronic components of the electronic lock may fail in some special environments, such as moisture, high temperature, etc. Electronic locks are not as durable as mechanical locks. Nowadays, radio remote control is the most insecure unlocking method. It only takes 8 seconds for ordinary 8 bits to send all combinations in each frequency band in 8 seconds, and 12 bits only takes 4 minutes. Even the latest rolling code also has man in the middle attack and rolljam forgeries. But it is convenient, and it can also transmit the situation around the door lock through the smart door lock’s own surveillance camera.

Mechanical locks are more secure. One of the disadvantages is that you have to bring your key every day when you go out. There is no smart electronic lock for convenience. In terms of safety, it itself can replace more advanced lock cylinders, such as super C grade, etc., and the lock picking movement is very static. Most of our Well Hard Ware are mechanical locks, constantly innovating. The precision is also very high, and the durability is also first-class. No matter the quality of your door, the thief’s focus is on the lock. Some locks are silent and can be opened in tens of seconds. Being a guilty conscience doesn’t want to make a lot of noise, the role of the door is to resist for a period of time, if you really want to break the door, nothing can stop it. The key to anti-theft doors is the lock. The door lock core is divided into A, B, and C levels, and C level is the highest level. Most of our company’s door locks are Class C, and our locks are approved by the Public Security Bureau.

After talking for so long, the electronic lock was invented for the “forgetful” people, and its main advantage is convenience. There are fingerprints, passwords, and IC cards. The more functions, the more expensive the electronic lock is. On the basis of the defects of mechanical locks, electronic locks often have the disadvantages of being intolerant of high temperature and violence, especially the electronic padlocks and the main internal structure using zinc and zinc alloy locks (easy to form, but extremely low melting point) , Especially afraid of using torch or welding torch to bake directly. Unlike traditional mechanical locks that use hardened materials such as alloy steel, the main structure of the electronic lock can be completely dissolved after a few minutes of baking. If you know the location of the key parts, you can directly open the lock by facing the bake .

But the biggest advantage of mechanical locks is safety and reliability. Electronic locks can also meet general daily use, but they are not as safe as mechanical locks. Mechanical locks are generally made of zinc alloy. Well Hard Ware’s mechanical locks are all made of zinc alloy. And we also have electronic locks and mechanical locks. Both types of locks have their own merits, depending on which one you prefer. Come to our www.wellhw.com immediately to see which one you like!


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