Vending Machine Lock Types And How To Choose the Best One

Vending Machine Lock Types And How To Choose the Best One

Locking vending machines so that they are only accessible to authorized personnel can be an effective way to secure the items in them. Different types of locks are more appropriate for different environments, and there are several different locks that you can use to protect the contents of your vending machine. Each type of lock has its own strengths and weaknesses, but some types may work better than others depending on your environment, the items you sell in your vending machine, or how much time you want to spend making sure people don’t break into it. This article will explore the vending machine lock types and how to choose the best one:

Vending Machine Lock Types

Mechanical keys

Mechanical keys will work on most machines that have a keypad. These are often the simplest kind of lock to install, as there isn’t much to them. When the machine is locked with a mechanical key, you can simply insert your own key in the slot and turn it until you hear a clicking noise. The locks on some machines can be opened this way, but other machines may require you to put in a special tool or have extra parts that have to be installed when the lock is opened this way. Mechanical keys are easy and inexpensive to replace if they get lost or damaged in a vending machine.


Magnetic keys

Magnetic keys are very useful in vending machines because they work on a lot of different kinds of locks. Unlike mechanical keys, magnetic keys do not require special tools or parts to open the lock, but they will not work in some mechanical lock systems. Magnetic keys are not easy to replace if they get lost or damaged, however. Sometimes you can find a vending-specific magnetic key, or a universal key that works with a wide range of locks. Magnetic keys are very easy to install and remove, and require little maintenance after installation.


Coded buttons

If you don’t want to use either mechanical locks or magnetic keys, you can consider installing coded buttons as your lock on your vending machine. The code will have to be entered in the keypad before the machine can be opened. Coded buttons are sometimes hard for customers to use (since they must know the right code), and may not work well in certain environments.



If you want to keep your vending machine accessible but secure, you can consider replacing its keypad with a touchscreen. Some machines have touchscreen displays that show the keycode, while other machines require you to enter the code in a separate keypad, and then press a hidden button or touch the screen on the front of the machine to open it. Touchscreen machines are more convenient than mechanical keys or codes because they don’t require that you remember any particular code, but they are also more vulnerable than mechanical keys because anyone could simply touch an unauthorized button (or on some machines, simply reach inside and change the screen settings) and be able to walk away with products from your vending machine.


Here are tips to help you choose the right vending machine locks for your shop:


Consider Size

A good way to make sure that your vending machine is tough enough is to consider the material it is made of. As you may already know, the most common type of lock that most businesses use on their machines is a padlock. The ones they use are usually small and very standard-looking. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be high-security locks though. Shop around for the best size or weight for your machine.


Know Your Owner’s Manual

If your vending machine comes with an owner’s manual, then make it a point to read it from cover to cover. You may find important information about your locks, such as whether or not you can open or disassemble them. If you can’t do either of these things, then you will need to get a locksmith in the area who can help you out if you ever have an issue with your lock.


Consider Your Security Needs

One way of doing this is by knowing what you want to secure and how much money it contains. If you want to secure a hundred dollar bill in each machine, then the case needs to be very strong. Of course, this is not how most businesses are run but it is something you should consider before choosing vending machine locks. You will want to make sure that your locks are strong enough and able to handle your money.


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Consider Cost As Well

When it comes to purchasing vending machine locks, you will want to check around for the best deals. This is especially true if you plan on going with a particular brand or size. If you do, then it will save you money in the long run. Generally speaking, you will get what you pay for when it comes to vending machine locks. Take some time and find the best deal while also considering where in your store they will be placed.


A vending machine is an important source of revenue for any business, and a small investment in vending machine locks can improve the security of this important piece of equipment. You should have at least one type of vending machine lock on each unit to secure it from thieves or vandals. Take a look below to learn more about different types of locks.



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