Best Metal Cabinet Locks for Double Doors

Best Metal Cabinet Locks for Double Doors

Double-door cabinets give symmetrical and upscale appeals making the furniture and interiors stand out because of their distinctive style and wide opening. These architectural design elements increase the interior’s value as it enhances the interior’s function in storing and displaying more objects in addition to its aesthetics. Double doors give convenience in putting inside and taking out objects into the cabinet. Hence, double-door cabinets are more utilized if it comes with safety locks and hardware for secure and long-lasting optimized usage. Here are the best metal cabinet locks for double doors:

cabinet lock with key

The best metal lock for double-door cabinets may vary according to its material. For glass double doors, you may use:

1. Sliding Glass Door Ratchet Lock Cabinet Door Locks

This lock securely fastens both ends of the glass sliding door that meets each other. Hence, it has a long ratchet that holds the main lock component and will not let it slide whenever the key chassis is not unlocked.

2. Double-Open Glass Door Display Cabinet Safety Lock, Suitable for Glass Door, Separate Key no need for Drilling

This lock is designed for installation at the bottom or top of the cabinet doors giving a clear view inside of the cabinet. It is non-intrusive and no need for further actions when unlocking as the metal is fixed. You only need to insert and turn the key then it opens.

Push to Open Latch Magnetic Lock (bonus option)
Furthermore, the push to open lock’s designs is greatly easy to operate, clean, and highly innovative. This does not need a key which prevents inconvenience because of loss or breakage of the keyhole and key chassis. You would not need to constantly lock it

For wooden or metal cabinets, the best double-door lock options include:

3. Deadbolt Lock
A deadbolt lock is always one of the best choices for locking cabinet doors. The deadbolt lock creates safety and secure locking that is fixed and easy to unlock. This lock fits the thickness of your cabinet door as it comes in different sizes and styles. It comes with a key and a latch that inserts into the other door securing a tight hold for your cabinet’s closure.

4. Hasp Lock with Latch, Buckle, Padlock, and Key
This lock is recommended for cabinets that contain important documents and are also gorgeous for being displayed. It works by inserting the buckle first and twisting the latch and padlock after using the key. With its different locking elements such as the latch, padlocks, and buckle, you are definitely at the highest security as it is hard and long to open and unlock. It is also stylish and ultimately simply innovative security for holding double-door cabinets.

5. Gate Latch Hasp Lock
This Two-way lock extends the locking system and unlocking time as it needs a padlock and a swivel gate hasp latch-inserts. This anti-theft system is characterized by its unrecognizable gate hasp latch that requires more activities to unlock the fastening element.

Brass Door Double Ball Tension Catch with Roller Latches Silent Locks Stopper (bonus option)
Bolt Catch is the classic double door lock type but this design is optimized and modified for a more presentable appeal while giving an efficient locking capacity.

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