Universal Small Spring Loaded Pivot Hinge

Universal Small Spring Loaded Pivot Hinge


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 Small spring loaded pivot hinge

  Furniture Acceories

  • Small spring loaded pivot hinge for inset doors
  • This small spring loaded hinge is made of two parts; a spring loaded pin housing and a plastic bushing (pin receiver)
  • Both hinge parts install by drilling a hole and press fitting them in place
  • The spring loaded pin housing measures 18.5 mm long by 9.5 mm diameter. The pin diameter is 5,6,7mm; 
  • The plastic bushing is 10 mm in outside diameter
  • Maximum door opening is approximately 140 degrees
  • This hinge will work on door thicknesses ranging from 1/2″ to 13/16″
  • This hinge is made of plastic with a steel pin and spring.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This hinge is not a “self-closing” hinge. The spring is in the pin receiver and is meant only to keep the pin in place after installation.

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