What is the guide piece of the smart door lock?

What is the guide piece of the smart door lock?

The guide piece is a piece of iron or stainless steel that is fixed at the telescopic position of the bolt. It is an indispensable accessory when installing a smart lock.
The guide piece plays a role in preventing the door frame from being worn out. All smart locks will be installed with a guide piece when they are installed. The factory standard configuration of the smart lock will be equipped with a guide piece. Damage.
When a general user buys a smart lock, the customer service of the merchant will ask the user to provide relevant information such as the door opening method, the guide piece, and whether there is a heaven and earth hook, etc., which requires the user to measure the size of the guide piece by himself. However, because the user does not understand the guide film, the size provided to the merchant is wrong, so it will be sent incorrectly. Of course, sometimes it may be that the merchant is not careful about the delivery~
How to measure the size?
The parameter information that the user needs to provide generally includes: A. The length of the guide piece; B. The width of the guide piece; C. The thickness of the door; D. The style of the guide piece. The rectangular metal frame is the guide piece. When measuring, the user only needs to measure the corresponding data information at A, B, C with a tape measure and observe the style of the guide piece at the same time. The guide piece style of the door is right-angled double holes.
The user fills in the measured information and sends it to the customer service. Generally, there will be no problems with the guide film received~
Common guide sheet specifications and dimensions
The guide piece is matched with the lock body. Generally, as long as the information of the guide piece is known, the corresponding lock body model is also known. At the same time, the guide piece corresponding to the common lock body also has a fixed size pool. In addition to the conventional lock body, the lock body guide piece generally needs to be customized with a little fee.
The dimensions of the conventional lock body guide piece are:
240*24 / 240*30 / 260*24 / 260*26 / 280*26 / 300*24 / 300*30
The dimensions of the guide piece of the Bawang lock body are as follows:
368*40 / 386*40 / 388*40 / 390*40 / 390*30
Wangli lock body guide piece size:
Size of guide piece for cylinder lock body of stainless steel door:
Note: The above data units are all mm
Of course, there are also many brands who have professional after-sales installation service personnel. For common standard lock bodies, they can quickly determine the size and model of the guide piece according to the picture provided by the user, saving the user the trouble of measurement~
Around the guide piece
In addition, general merchants also need to know whether the user’s door has a heaven and earth hook and how to open the door. The former is because some lock bodies do not support the heaven and earth hook, and the latter involves the direction of the smart lock handle. The editor here is also simple to mention to everyone, in fact, they are relatively simple~
Check whether the door lock at home has a heaven and earth hook, and check whether there are holes on the top and bottom edges of the door. However, most manufacturers now support the four-in-one reversal of the door lock handle, which can be adjusted by the lock body handle to correspond to the user’s door opening method.
In fact, in general, the data that needs to be provided to buy a smart lock is not complicated, and it is not difficult to obtain it. It is just that some people are not familiar with door locks and are not familiar with smart locks, so sometimes they don’t know how to start.
Nowadays, more and more people buy smart door locks, and the convenient and safe life it brings has also led a large number of consumers to plan to install smart door locks. Before buying, understand these locks little knowledge, I believe it will be of great benefit to you~
In fact, the lock body is not a very important parameter. Usually, as long as you measure the data of the guide piece, the installer will know what kind of lock body to match. So don’t worry here. Let’s look at the world hook.
In fact, it’s very simple. Open the door and unlock it again. Check if there is a tongue extending in and out on the top edge of the door. There is no heaven and earth hook on the door of. You bought a lock body with a heaven and earth hook, which may cause the lock body to fail to fit into the reserved lock slot on the door. Otherwise, the heaven and earth hook will fail. However, many smart locks now support the heaven and earth hook. Disassembly and assembly are all for the convenience of installation in the customer’s home
The last is the direction of the door. The direction of opening the door is actually not the point. Now most manufacturers support the four-in-one reversal of the door lock handle, but in order to give you a bit of posture, a photo can make you understand.


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