How about security and anti-theft ability?

How about security and anti-theft ability?

The electronic smart door lock, known as the new “home guardian”, has developed rapidly in recent years, but many consumers do not know it well, and even have some questions about its safety, so that they dare not buy it easily. In the field of production, electronic smart door locks also have problems such as inconsistent standards, imperfect after-sales service, and uneven quality. So, for the industry to develop healthily, what thresholds need to be crossed? What is the security and anti-theft capability of electronic smart door locks? How should consumers choose smart door lock products? Our reporter conducted an investigation on this.
Do you want to install the world hook?
“Electronic smart door locks don’t have the heaven and earth hooks that can extend into the door frame of traditional anti-theft doors, and only have one tongue. Will the security be reduced?” Wu Xiao, a consumer in Beijing, raised her doubts to reporters. The most fundamental consumer demand for door locks is safety. The reporter found that among consumers’ various doubts about electronic smart door locks, whether the Tiandi Hook is safe after the disappearance is the most concerned issue.
According to the reporter’s understanding, the relevant regulations of Tiandi Hook have not yet been included in the national standards for locks, but in the national standards for doors. In fact, compared with traditional mechanical locks, electronic smart door locks are more convenient and intelligent, but their safety has not deteriorated. Tiandi hook is not a key element to measure the safety of door locks.
The reporter’s investigation learned that the smart door lock products sold on the market can be divided into two types, namely, with and without a hook. Whether it needs to be installed or not cannot be generalized. It is understood that for the door itself, the main lock body drives the upper and lower auxiliary locks through the heaven and earth hooks to increase the number of bolts on the door. The increase in the number of lock points can fix the door frame, prevent deformation, and enhance airtightness. Second, the safety performance of anti-prying and anti-violent opening is improved.
How is the anti-theft capability?
Since thieves often steal by unlocking technology, how about the anti-theft capability of electronic smart door locks?
Electronic smart door locks are products that integrate mechatronics. To evaluate the safety performance of a lock, it is usually analyzed from several dimensions such as the lock cylinder, panel structure, electronics, and communication. According to professionals, after years of development, the safety performance of smart locks has been greatly improved. First of all, most of the emergency lock cylinders configured by brand manufacturers are already super B-level, C-level, and even electronic alarm lock cylinders. It is difficult to carry out technology. Unlock; and the panel mechanism is designed with targeted physical protection such as anti-prying, anti-drilling, and anti-pull. The safety performance of the lock is much better than that of the mechanical lock.
Regarding the statement that the “small black box of coils” can open any electronic smart door lock, Lu Jiying told reporters: “The opening of the small black box was four or five years ago, and at that time, only inferior products from small manufacturers could be opened. With years of technological iteration, industry supervision, and quality improvement, the small black box has no effect on most existing smart locks.”
According to the reporter’s understanding, in terms of technology and safety, my country’s electronic smart door locks have reached an advanced level in the world.
1. Refer to the smart phone for remote control, such as IOS platform or android system platform, enter the set password to control, and the door will automatically open for you.
2. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring the key or losing the key in the future. Your family can also unlock the lock for you remotely through operation.
3. For safety, the wifi smart door lock has a more complete protection mechanism. Anyone who has been authorized can unlock, lock, or reverse the lock, and you and your family can grasp it in time.
4. More applications in the following places:. Banks, government departments (focus on safety), hotels, school dormitories, residential quarters, villas, hotels (focus on convenient management.
5. Smart door locks are mainly used in systems such as smart homes, smart hotels/hotels, and smart buildings.
The smart door lock control scheme is an important step for the door lock embedded development, so that wireless data conversion and wireless control can be realized on the hardware. The serial port wifi module TLN13UA06 mainly used in smart door locks is a new generation of embedded Wi-Fi module products. The software and hardware interfaces are fully compatible with TLG10UA03, Bluetooth module and Bluetooth chip, with small size and low power consumption.
The embedded wifi module adopts UART interface, built-in IEEE802.11 protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack, which can realize the conversion from user serial port to wireless network. Supports serial port transparent data transmission mode, so that traditional serial port devices can easily access the wireless network.
There are four batteries, six batteries, and eight batteries for smart door locks.


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