How to choose a safe and reliable smart door lock?

How to choose a safe and reliable smart door lock?

Padlocks and keys have begun to become a thing of the past. Nowadays, because digital locks and smart door locks are affordable and easy to install, they are commonly used in most households. More importantly, digital or smart locks look stylish and beautiful. Some can even be integrated or combined with cameras, alarms or intercom systems to make your security door safer.
In short, digital door locks, keypad locks, electronic locks, keyless door locks or smart locks are all locks operated by electric current. Their functions are very similar to traditional padlocks, but instead of using a key to open the door, digital door locks use a brake to connect a bolt mechanism to a small motor, which is controlled by the electronics in the motor.
1. Front and rear panels
There are three main components of the fingerprint lock panel: zinc alloy materials, stainless steel materials, and aluminum alloy materials. Among them, the panel made of zinc alloy has good corrosion resistance and high hardness, and it is the first choice for fingerprint lock panels of big-name manufacturers.
2. Slide cover
The fingerprint lock with sliding cover can effectively protect the fingerprint identification module of the fingerprint lock, and make the fingerprint identification module have a longer service life. However, many fingerprint locks are not designed with a sliding cover, because fingerprint locks without a sliding cover are more convenient to unlock. In fact, the fingerprint lock without the sliding cover can be used for a long time as long as the fingerprint recognition module is properly protected. It is not necessary to choose a fingerprint lock with a sliding cover.
3. Handle
Fingerprint locks can be divided into push-pull and push-down types according to the shape of the handle. The push-down type has a horizontal handle, and the door needs to be pressed down to open the door, while the push-pull type is to open the door by pushing the handle. Fingerprint locks can also be divided into two types: semi-automatic and full-automatic. Semi-automatic generally means that you need to press down or push the handle to open the bolt after fingerprint recognition is passed, and fully automatic means that the motor automatically pulls the bolt open after the fingerprint recognition is passed. After unlocking, just push the door to enter. Semi-automatic door locks need to be lifted to lock the door, and fully automatic door locks are automatically locked, so full-automatic door locks require more electricity.
4. Fingerprint head
Fingerprint locks mainly have two mainstream identification modules: optical fingerprint identification module and semiconductor fingerprint identification module. The semiconductor fingerprint recognition module has much higher recognition accuracy than the optical fingerprint recognition module, and the rejection rate is low. Now mainstream brands of fingerprint identification modules all use semiconductor methods. Among the semiconductor fingerprint identification modules, the Swedish semiconductor fingerprint identification module is easier to use.
5. Keyboard
In addition to fingerprint identification and unlocking methods, fingerprint locks generally support password input mode. A better fingerprint lock will have a virtual password function. Generally, a good fingerprint lock keyboard will use a panel that does not leave fingerprints to prevent others from cracking the long-term password. For safety, it is recommended to change the long-term password of the fingerprint lock at regular intervals.
6. Display
The fingerprint lock screen is mainly used to display the keyboard and system prompts. The better fingerprint lock screen will use a fingerprint-free display, and the fingerprint can be erased with one wipe, which can effectively prevent the password from leaking.
7. Camera
In fact, the security of fingerprint locks of major brands is already high enough, and friends with a low budget do not need to choose fingerprint locks with cameras. The fingerprint lock with camera function is the icing on the cake. If you want to experience the pleasure of face recognition unlocking, I recommend Deschmann’s R7, 3D deep face recognition, which can be accurately recognized in the dark, and using photos can not fool the system, a good work of conscience .
8. Emergency power port
Since the current fingerprint locks are powered by dry batteries or lithium batteries, it is inevitable that the battery will run out and the fingerprint recognition system will malfunction. Therefore, when the fingerprint lock is designed, there will be an emergency power port. When the internal power supply is out of power, the emergency power supply can be used to restart the system. The emergency power port is generally designed to be more concealed, and is generally hidden at the bottom of the lock.
9. Keyhole
Since the fingerprint recognition system cannot always guarantee no problem, the fingerprint lock will also retain the emergency mechanical key opening method when designing, and the fingerprint lock will have a key hole. The keyholes of fingerprint locks are generally designed to be more concealed.
10. Emergency mechanical key
The emergency mechanical key is used to open the fingerprint lock when the fingerprint recognition fails. Each fingerprint lock will be equipped with more than two keys.
11. Emergency knob
The emergency button is used when the motor fails to open the door, and the door can also be opened with the emergency knob.
12. Anti-lock knob
The anti-lock knob is designed to retain the anti-lock function of the traditional lock, and basically every fingerprint lock will have it. It is safer to lock after entering the door. Some automatic fingerprint locks will automatically lock after entering the door, which is very convenient.
13. One key to unlock and close the lock button
The user can unlock and lock the door by pressing a key to unlock and close the lock, which is a very convenient function of the fingerprint lock.
14. Battery slot
Generally, the power source of the fingerprint lock includes dry battery and lithium battery, among them, the lithium battery is better, because the lithium battery can be recharged after being discharged, which is more convenient.
15. Lock body
The lock body is an important part of the fingerprint lock. When buying the lock body, you need to choose the size of the opening where the lock body is placed on the door. If the lock body is not selected, it may directly affect the life of the lock. The material of the lock body is mainly stainless steel, but there are also zinc alloy and iron, preferably 304 stainless steel. The lock body is mainly divided into two types: the standard lock body and the Bawang lock body. The standard lock body is safe enough. If you want to be more secure, then choose the Bawang lock body.
16. Circuit board
The internal circuit design of the fingerprint lock is also very particular. Generally, the internal circuit of the fingerprint lock of the big brand will have an overload protection design, which can effectively prevent the attack of the small black box. The small black box can unlock those fingerprint locks of poor quality because it can instantly generate a strong electromagnetic field, overloading the internal circuit and causing the system to restart and unlock. So be sure to choose a fingerprint lock that can resist the electromagnetic interference of the small black box.
17. Lock core
The lock cylinder is divided into A, B, and C levels, and the safety and difficulty of prying open will increase sequentially. Nowadays, many brands of fingerprint locks use C-level lock cylinders, such as Samsung, Deschmann, Katiss, Philips, Keyu, Xiaomi, etc. The fingerprint locks of these brands generally have a high safety factor.
19. Chip
The chip in the fingerprint lock is similar to the CPU of a mobile phone or computer. A good fingerprint recognition module needs to be matched with a good fingerprint recognition processor to take advantage of its advantages. The internal chips of the fingerprint locks of major brands are all self-developed or foreign specialized The processing chip has strong performance and high security.
20. Motor
The motor is the device that drives the bolt and the hook. Now the fingerprint locks of big brands are safe enough. It is not recommended to install the hook because the hook will increase the burden on the motor, reduce the service life of the motor and the battery life.


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