How to choose a good drawer lock and how to install it?

How to choose a good drawer lock and how to install it?

How to choose a good drawer lock and how to install it?

Everyone’s drawers will put some items, such as money, important documents, or some other important items. These items do not want to be taken or found by others. In any case, these items need to be placed safely and securely. At this time, a high-quality drawer lock is particularly important. Go to to choose a good drawer lock. Your satisfaction!

Drawer lock, a device used to lock drawers, is a kind of lock that is placed on an openable and closable utensil to close a certain space or a certain appliance. It must be opened with a key or a combination. Pieces.

The lock was born almost at the same time as private ownership. There are wooden locks in the Yangshao culture site dating from 3000 BC. With the development of the times, there are also drawer locks. Drawer locks are divided into drawer locks according to function:

Folding front drawer lock: It can control two or three drawers with one lock. Installed in the office.

Folding side drawer lock: It can control two or three drawers with one lock. Installed on the side of the office.

Folding square tongue lock: This is a common type of drawer lock. It is installed in the middle of a drawer and can only lock one drawer.

Folding oblique tongue drawer lock: When the key is removed, the drawer can be locked only by pushing in the drawer, which is easy to use.

So how to choose a good drawer lock?

Pay attention to the material first. Assuming the purchase of children’s drawer locks, the health of the children is definitely the first. The materials of our Well Hare Ware are all safe and non-toxic materials. The drawer locks made of environmentally friendly materials are non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, durable, and odorless.

Cassette. The thickness of the cassette affects the bearing capacity of the drawer lock. The thinner the cassette, the smaller the bearing strength, and the thicker the larger the bearing capacity. If the cassette can be adjusted, it will be more convenient. When purchasing, choose a drawer lock with a thicker cassette, because the drawer locks with two thin cassettes have smaller stress points, and if one side is worn, it will affect the use of the product.

How to install the drawer lock?

Well Hare Ware professionals tell you how to install.

Preparations before installing the lock: First, identify whether the installation lock is a drawer lock, and see if the keyhole and bolt opening direction are the same, so as to avoid confusion with the cabinet lock. Use the key to open the lock several times, check whether the movement of each transmission part is flexible, and check whether the accessories of the lock are complete according to the manual. Tools for installation include wood drills, hand hammers, handsaws, screws, woodworking chisels, tape measures and other tools.

Installation: Care should be taken to avoid scratching the paint on the surface of the furniture during installation. First find out the center position of the lock installation at the position 200mm from the top edge of the drawer, and drill the through hole with a 25mm auger. With the center line of the lock as the axis of symmetry, draw the inlay position according to the width of the lock box and the bottom plate, and then draw the depth of the inlay groove based on the length of the lock and the thickness of the lock box based on the drawer surface. After drawing, cut out the saw cut on the dimension line behind the drawer panel with a hand saw, use a chisel to remove the middle part, and chisel out the bottom plate and the inlay groove of the lock box. It is not necessary to install a handle for any drawer installed with a drawer lock, and a key can be used instead of the handle. When the drawer needs to be opened, insert the key into the lock core and rotate 360 ​​degrees clockwise. After the lock tongue is fully retracted into the lock body, turn the key counterclockwise by an angle, and pull the key to open the drawer. After opening the drawer, turn the key clockwise to the open position and take it out. When the drawer needs to be locked, close the drawer by hand, insert the key, and turn it counterclockwise 360 ​​degrees to pull out, and the drawer is locked.

To buy drawer locks, go to Well Hare Ware. Our official website is, a hardware company specializing in locks. I believe we are more professional.



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