How to install a special lock for RFID lockers

How to install a special lock for RFID lockers

We may encounter various dangers in our lives. No matter what, we need to have a sense of self-safety. When it comes to safety awareness, many friends have cabinets in their homes, and generally put some valuable financial affairs, etc., in this case, a Good quality cabinet locks seem to be very important, but readers and friends are you familiar with cabinet locks? In fact, smart lockers are often encountered in daily life. You are also very curious, then, smart lockers How to install the lock?
How to install the smart locker lock
⑴Preparation work before installing the lock: First, identify whether the installation lock is a cabinet lock, and see if the keyhole and bolt opening direction are the same, so as to avoid confusion with the vertical cabinet lock. Use the key to open the lock several times, check whether the movement of each transmission part is flexible, and check whether the accessories of the lock are complete according to the manual. The tools to be installed include wood drill, hand hammer, hand saw, screwdriver, woodworking chisel, tape measure and other tools.
⑵Installation: Care should be taken during installation to avoid scratching the paint on the surface of the furniture. First find out the center position of the lock head installation at a distance of 200mm from the top edge of the cabinet lock, and drill the through hole with a ∮25mm wood drill. Using the center line of the lock as the axis of symmetry, draw the inlay position according to the width of the lock box and the bottom plate, and then draw the depth of the inlay groove based on the lock surface of the cabinet based on the length of the lock and the thickness of the lock box. After drawing, cut out the saw cut on the dimension line behind the cabinet lock panel with a hand saw, use a chisel to remove the middle part, and cut out the inlay groove of the bottom plate and the lock box. It is not necessary to install a handle for any cabinet lock installed with a cabinet lock, and a key can be used instead of the handle. When the drawer needs to be opened, insert the key into the lock core and rotate 360 ​​degrees clockwise. After the lock tongue is fully retracted into the lock body, turn the key counterclockwise by an angle, and pull the key to open the drawer. After opening the cabinet lock, turn the key clockwise to the open position and take it out. When the cabinet lock needs to be locked, close the cabinet lock by hand, insert the key, and turn it counterclockwise 360 ​​degrees to pull out. The cabinet lock is locked.
RFID locker special lock-comprehensive protection
Unlike the keys that require expensive maintenance, RFID lockers provide high security and comfort for customers by using short-distance RFID carriers (RFID key cards, wrist straps, key fobs, etc.).
Electronic components, locking devices and battery packs are installed inside the locker to enhance safety and prevent tampering or vandalism.
This device is most suitable for:
Spa/Health Center
 Ski Resort
 Golf Club
Sports and Fitness Center
Remote control operation Move the RFID carrier close to the card reader to lock and unlock.
Independent system: No wiring required, stand-alone and battery-powered.
Locker usage: The user can choose any empty locker. Once used, the locker can only be opened by using the designated door card. Although this card is not associated with a specific locker, it can only be used in one at the same time Desk lockers.
Manager: You can set the main card to manage all the lockers.
Compatible with RFID door lock system: The locker special lock is fully compatible with the RFID door lock system.
Personalization: You can choose whether to provide guests with lockers for free or rent them at the time of registration.
How it works:
Hotels can use RFID technology to customize locker permissions.
The key card can be activated by default when the guest registers, or manually activated later.
The RFID key can be used in any vacant locker. Only the RFID key that locks the locker or the RFID master card can open the locker again.
Since the RFID locker key has no time limit, it is always valid during the guest’s stay.
When the locker is locked by the guest’s RFID key, it will transmit the information to the RFID key. This means that the key can no longer open other lockers before the locker is unlocked. In other words, an RFID key is in Only one locker can be managed at the same time, which can effectively prevent multiple lockers from being locked by the same key.



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