How to open a mailbox lock with a lost key

How to open a mailbox lock with a lost key

Mailbox lock is a kind of cam lock, which is a lock named after application.
Because mailboxes are generally placed in a centralized manner, such as the lobby of a building on the first floor. Therefore, the mutual opening rate (the probability of mutual opening) of the mailbox locks is as small as possible.

how to open mailbox without key


Tips on Picking Mailbox Lock

Mailbox hook lock
The mutual opening rate of mailbox hook locks commonly used in the industry is one in 120. This is enough for many residential buildings with low floors.


Plum blossom marble mailbox lock
The plum blossom marble mailbox lock is much safer than ordinary mailbox locks, and its mutual opening rate can be one-thousandth to one-tens of thousands.


Magnetic core pinball mailbox lock:

Magnetic pinball mailbox lock is a new technology of mailbox lock, it has the following characteristics:
1. Unique keyhole anti-blocking device, dustproof and foreign body blocking;
2. Prevent opening by technical methods and prevent opening by master key;
3. The key cannot be personally copied, and it cannot be matched in the market;
4. The keys between the locks do not open each other, and each lock can be opened with one key;
5. Easy installation and low price;
6. The use of rare earth high-energy permanent magnet materials has a small volume and strong magnetic force. The natural

demagnetization in a century does not exceed one ten thousandth, which is permanent and reliable;
Losing the key to your mailbox is a very frustrating thing, especially when you need to access important mail. Next, the locksmith will share the following with you. You can use a few simple tools to select the lock on the mailbox. Using tools specifically designed for lock picking will provide you with the greatest chance of success, but if you don’t have a lock picking kit, you can simply make a lock and remove it from the hairpin or paper clip.


How To Open A Mailbox Lock without A Key


Part 1: Prepare unlocking tools and levers

1. Use the lock picking kit to get the best results
Using the lock picking kit can save you time and make it easier for you to unlock the mailbox. The lock selection kit is equipped with multiple locks and levers to choose from, so you can choose to prevent your mailbox from being locked. If you do not have a lock selection kit, you can order one online or find one at your local hardware store.

2. If there is no unlocking tool, you can use 2 hairpins to make a lock and lever
To create the lock, bend one of the hairpins so that the ends are 90 degrees apart, and remove the rubber caps from the ends. Then, slightly bend one end of the hairpin upward so that the end is no longer completely straight. To make the lever, bend the second hairpin to about .5 inches (1.3 cm) from the bend of the hairpin. Once you are at a 90 degree angle, stop bending the hairpin.

3. If you don’t have a hair clip, please use 2 paper clips to take out the lock and the leverTo make the lock, straighten one half of the paper clip and leave the other half as it is. Then, bend the end of the straightened half of the paper upward slightly. To make the lever, straighten the second paperclip almost straight, leaving one of the curved curves at one end of the paperclip. Bend the curved curve until it is at a 90 degree angle to the rest of the paper clip.

Part 2: Picking the lock

1. Insert the short side of the lever into the lock
Hold the long end of the lever between your fingers. Once the lever is in the lock, press the long end of the lever in the direction you turned the key to unlock your mailbox. When you are picking the lock, continue to press the joystick in this direction to apply pressure to the locked barrel. If there is no pressure on the barrel, you will not be able to open the lock.

2. Insert the bent end of the lock into the lock
Inside the lock, there are 5 pins that need to be raised to the same height in order for the barrel of the lock to rotate and unlock. You will use the bent part of the lock to lift the pin to the correct height. When inserting the lock cylinder into the lock, keep it close to the opening of the lock. This is the first pin you need to upgrade.

3. Push up the first pin in the lock to see if it is stuck
The pin that is buckled is a pin that prevents the lock barrel from rotating and unlocking. To find out if the first pin is occupied, use the lock end to push it up. When you feel something is rising, you find the first pin. If the pin is pushed up without any resistance, it will not get stuck. If it is not stuck, push it up and continue to insert the second pin. If it is caught, shake the lock cylinder up and down to force the pin above the barrel.You will hear a click as long as the pin you grabbed is raised.

4. Continue to lift the pins until all 5 bumps
Every time you use the locking pin to lift a pin, push the lock cylinder a little bit into the lock to find the next pin. If you encounter a stuck pin, use the latch to push it up. Before moving, make sure to hear a click after lifting the fixing pin.

5. Use the lever to rotate the barrel to unlock the lock
Once you lift all 5 pins, the barrel of the lock should immediately rotate because you are applying pressure with the lever. Use the lever to fully rotate the barrel until the lock unlocks. Remove the lever and lock from the lock and open the door to the mailbox.


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