Impact of installation on use

Impact of installation on use

Regarding smart door locks, in addition to paying attention to safety and intelligence, everyone is also very concerned about these two types of issues: Is the size of the door and the material of the door suitable for installing a smart door lock?

In fact, these two issues are equally important to the installer!
Because this will directly affect the time for the master to come to install.
Therefore, before installing smart door locks, tenants and landlords must cooperate with the installer to measure the following data.
Impact of installation on use
50% of the large and small problems in the use of smart locks are caused by improper installation. Because of the quality of the smart lock itself, repairs are rarely caused.
The installation of smart locks is somewhat different from the installation of ordinary mechanical locks. Although it is not high-tech, it also requires a master who can keep up with the development of the times to be able to skillfully complete the installation and commissioning in a relatively short period of time.
Smart door lock installation, every installation error, such as the hole is not on the horizontal line, and the lock body is a little rusty and jammed, may cause the motor to burn out, and eventually damage the product and make the product unusable.
installation steps
Remove the old lock body and compare it with the new lock body of the smart door lock. After confirming that the old lock core is consistent with the new lock core of the smart door lock (within an error of 3mm), compare the width of the lock core. If the size is the same, the subsequent installation can be carried out.
Initial installation, measurement
After removing the old lock, you need to “try” install the lock body of the smart door lock into the anti-theft door. During the installation process, it is necessary to measure the width and thickness of the door panel and the new lock body. According to the volume of the existing door lock and the position of the bolts, mark openings on the anti-theft door. In other words, the installation of smart door locks is destructive installation.
Hole, punch
After measuring the relevant data, the lock body needs to be taken out, and the steel body of the anti-theft door needs to be cut with an angle grinder or a disc sander. Sparks are splashing at the installation site, and the noise that comes with it does not need to be said. This step is destructive and requires considerable cutting experience. A little carelessness may destroy a door.
Install the lock body, calibrate
The above are all preparations, and then the actual installation process. The lock body needs to be fixed first, and a second calibration is required before it is completely fixed. The position of the bolt must match the original door frame, and the most important thing is that the door lock cannot be tilted.
Install the front and rear panels
The seemingly simple panel installation is actually the core of “intelligence”. The lock body and the panel need to be fixed with large bolts, and there are connecting lines between the front and rear panels, so that intelligent unlocking is formed. In addition, it is necessary to install waterproof rubber pads and so on. The structure of a smart door lock is actually very complicated, and the weight of a smart door lock is heavier than a traditional mechanical lock.
Trial + password
After all debugging is completed, you need to set the smart door lock. In order to ensure the safety of your home, you must change the original password and enter the administrator’s fingerprint information. Any operation requires a password or fingerprint to determine its management authority.
Regular installers will not just pat their buttocks and leave after installation. He will patiently teach you how to set the administrator password and how to use the smart door lock.
From door lock removal to installation and commissioning, the entire process can be as fast as 1 hour and as slow as 2 hours. Time-consuming engineering is measuring and drilling holes. If the original keyhole is small, it will take a lot of time to cut. Calibration is a patient work. The master uses vernier calipers to measure the data very finely. Any error in the data may cause irreparable losses.

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