In 2021, how many opportunities are there in the smart lock market?

In 2021, how many opportunities are there in the smart lock market?

With the rapid development of smart door locks, many cross-industry giants have poured into this industry, and four major patterns have gradually formed: traditional lock factories, board card factories, Internet lock factories, home appliances cross-border giants, and current traditional lock factory professional brands It is still the backbone of the industry, but with the increasing acceptance of ecological products (such as Xiaomi) by the market and consumers, the market share of Internet lock factory brands is increasing. According to statistics from the National Lock Industry Information Center, the overall sales of smart locks in 2020 will be about 16.4 million sets, an annual increase of about 17%, and the sales volume in 2021 is expected to be about 19 million sets, an annual increase of about 19%. Since 2015, the sales volume of smart locks has generally shown an upward trend. In the first half of 2020, affected by the severe epidemic, the sales volume of smart door locks has plummeted. As the epidemic has eased, e-commerce channels have ushered in a major outbreak, and mainstream brands have intensively released new products and Actively carrying out live broadcast and social marketing activities, coupled with the launch of multiple activities on the e-commerce platform to stimulate consumption, Q2 smart door lock sales entered the upward channel; entering the second half of the year, the cumulative rigid decoration demand in the first half of the year broke out, and the smart door lock line The sales volume in Shanghai has increased year-on-year for 9 consecutive months. In November, driven by the big promotion, the market scale reached a new high. The sales volume exceeded 600,000 sets for the first time, and the sales volume exceeded 1 billion yuan for the first time. For the entire year of 2020, China’s smart door lock online market sales volume was 2.88 million sets, a year-on-year increase of 42%; online market sales were 4.23 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37%.
In terms of unlocking methods, fingerprint recognition has matured all the way and has gradually become the standard configuration of smart door locks. Face recognition technology has temporarily emerged, especially due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, the demand for non-contact unlocking has greatly increased, and it is expected to continue to increase its proportion in 2021 .
2020 is the year with the fastest development of smart door lock networking technology. As the ecological chain concept of Internet companies is accepted by most manufacturers, more and more manufacturers are vigorously developing ecological products, and they have also gained the heights of the market and consumers. Acknowledged that the demand for big data transmission such as audio and video on the market continues to increase. At the same time, the improvement of WIFI technology in terms of power consumption and cost in accordance with the demand for smart door locks has promoted a large number of applications of WIFI technology in smart door lock products.
Forecast of China’s smart door lock market in the future:
First, in the next five years, with the continuous integration of the real estate market and changes in competition, as well as the changes in the door industry and the home furnishing industry, the proposed standard configuration of smart door locks will drive the rapid development of the smart door lock industry. In the next three years, the industry’s production and sales volume will exceed 30 million sets, becoming a well-deserved main force and fresh force in the transformation and upgrading of the lock industry.
Second, the smart door lock industry is moving towards networking, home-based, and scenario-based trends. The market and consumers have strong demand for ecological products, which will promote smart door locks from stand-alone applications to complex networked and linked applications. Advance.
Third, at the technical application level, cat’s eye technology will be further integrated with face recognition technology. As the degree of integration of cat’s eye technology and face recognition technology increases, product stability, experience, and cost control will improve. The two technologies The combined application will be more extensive.
Fourth, the shuffling will be even more tragic, and price wars will become one of the mainstream competitive methods. The industry is gradually developing in the direction of a mature industry, and competition is becoming more fierce. There will be fewer and fewer window opportunities for small and medium enterprises, and the number of enterprises in the future will be reduced by at least more than half.
Fifth, the concentration and stability of top brands will be further improved, especially under the influence of the head effect in the online e-commerce field, the market and consumers will be more The pressure will increase.
China’s smart door lock retail market will continue to be on the upward path of rapid development: 1. The penetration rate of smart door locks in China is relatively low, and there is still an incremental market to be tapped; 2. As a physical entry-level product of smart home, smart door locks will develop from smart single products to interconnection and be incorporated into the IoT ecosystem; 3. Finger vein recognition, face recognition and other biometric technologies are increasingly used in smart door lock products, and the convenience and safety are enhanced; 4. The price of smart door locks has fallen to an acceptable standard for ordinary households, and consumers’ preference for smart door locks has become higher.Tmall data shows that electronic door locks, smart heaters, and security cameras have become the fastest sales growth in 2020 “Three pieces of intelligence”.
However, the relevant standards and specifications of the smart door lock market in the early stages of development are not perfect, and companies have not established strong technical barriers, resulting in a mixed industry, serious product homogeneity, and security issues from time to time. The smart door lock market There is a long way to go for healthy development.

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