What are the levels of smart locks, and what types of smart locks have the highest level?

What are the levels of smart locks, and what types of smart locks have the highest level?

Smart locks are divided into the following categories, and the level of security smart locks is the highest.
Fingerprint lock
The full name is electronic fingerprint lock. The common functions are fingerprint, password, card swiping, and mechanical key four-in-one unlocking method. Its ordinary mechanical lock is upgraded to a substitute for electronic lock. The anti-theft level is A level.
smart Lock
The whole process electronic smart lock, which contains the basic functions of an electronic fingerprint lock, adds the networking function, and can realize remote control. It is an upgraded version of the electronic fingerprint lock, and the anti-theft level is B level.
Security fingerprint lock
Contains all the functions of the electronic fingerprint lock. It is designed in accordance with the national anti-theft lock technical standards. It is a practical product for family anti-theft door locks. The anti-theft level is C level.
Security smart lock
Including all the functions of electronic fingerprint lock, electronic smart lock and security fingerprint lock, it is the product with the highest technical gold content in the lock industry, and the anti-theft level is super C level.
Can smart locks be waterproof and moisture-proof?
Smart locks can be moisture-proof. Water depends on the situation. Like the exaggerated smart lock with blisters or rain, it will definitely not work, because there is an electronic circuit board inside the smart lock, and there is a danger of short circuit when water enters; But if you accidentally spill some water in your life, it must be preventive.
The circuit board inside the smart lock will take into account the waterproof and moisture-proof conditions during packaging. Qualified manufacturers will conduct waterproof and moisture-proof experiments on them. However, because of the different quality of the products, their waterproof and moisture-proof performances sometimes have certain differences. But in general, as long as the smart lock is produced in accordance with national standards, the resurgence in the south will not have a serious impact on the smart lock. If the quality is poor, it may cause the failure of the fingerprint head and the leakage of the battery, which will corrode the circuit inside. plate.
What should I do if the smart lock gets water?
If there is water on the surface of the smart lock, wipe it with a clean rag. If water seeps into it and it has not caused a short circuit failure, you can remove the battery first and let it dry naturally, or you can use a paper towel to absorb the water; if it can’t If it is used, you can find a professional master to remove the lock and repair it.
When talking about smart locks, we have to start with the security level of the lock cylinder. In fact, many people have equated the security level of the lock cylinder with the security level of the lock. So, in the first chapter, let’s talk about the safety level of the lock cylinder.
According to the current widely circulated security level classification, the lock cylinder is divided into three levels of A/B/C according to the difficulty of being cracked, and the security capability is C>B>A. But in fact, from the perspective of the Ministry of Public Security’s classification of lock cylinder safety levels, there are actually only two levels, A-level and B-level. The so-called C-level is more of a “custom” security level circulated among merchants. It is said that the C-level lock cylinder cannot be cracked within 270 minutes through technical means.
As for smart locks, basically the cylinders use C-level cylinders. So far, I have only seen a brand that promotes my B+-level cylinders (not to mention the specific brand, avoid suspicion). According to my experience, they have indeed reached at least a B+ level. When I was testing a certain brand of smart locks, I really found a certified unlocking master and asked him to use technical unlocking methods to try to open the smart door lock with a physical lock cylinder.

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